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Voiceovers, Buyout, And Exclusivity – GKN Weekly Update 3/26/13

Here’s a lesson in understanding buyout and exclusivity…

I got an email from a potential client wanting to cast me for a commercial. It’s for a new razor and the spot would be shown on commercial airline flights. The rate is pretty good. What’s the catch? A non-union buyout for five years AND an exclusivity contract. That means I would get paid once and I can’t do any commercials for other brands of razors for five years.

I gave them some options:

1) Increase the buyout rate

2) Include a re-buy after one or two years

3) Make the exclusivity contract apply only to commercial airline flights

I got the client on the phone and he was super-nice & understanding. They told me they can’t increase the rate, which is no big deal. His client has never produced a commercial before so they’re being over-cautious. I said I’ll be happy to do the exclusivity thing if it’s for commercial flights only. If they want to use it elsewhere then we negotiate a re-buy.

As of this writing I haven’t heard back from the client (it’s been less than 24 hours since our phone conversation) but I’ll let you know what happens!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Remember a while back when I wrote the blog, “Jerk, or Fool? CHOOSE!”? Well, this wasn’t exactly the case, but it would have been easy to bluntly turn down the gig or meekly accept it without question. Since I didn’t want to be the Jerk-inator or the Fool-inator, I chose to be the Negotiator!

Too lame…?

Anyway, never be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns as long as you do it professionally and considerately!


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I want to wish everyone a Good Pesach and a Happy Easter. Enjoy your brisket and ham!

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