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Explainer Video Voice Over

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Explainer Video Voice Over
Explainer VideoDEMO
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OVO Vision Hatchery

Add a real-guy sound to your videos.

Explainer videos are a quick and easy way to describe a product, service, or idea - anything from a website service to a Kickstarter campaign. I’m an experienced narrator, adding the professional edge your video needs to be engaging and successful. A great explainer video doesn’t just tell a story; it showcases specific details behind your ideas and highlights important elements within your message. With years of experience narrating explainers, I know which words to punch, how to pace my voice to onscreen animation, and when to slow down or pause to allow a viewer to process your concept.

Boost your engagement.

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Tom is an Explainer Video Voice Actor with friendly, engaging sound and clear, informative style. He knows how to pace his tone to your animation, and pull viewers into your concept...

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