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Good Karma Network Weekly Update 1/23/12

Good afternoon, my legion of virgin-sacrificing zealots! No? How about devout readers? Um, polite blog perusers? Fine. I’ll settle for “people who won’t hang up immediately if I call”. Tough crowd…

Things have finally gotten back to normal around here! My computer is humming along and the AKG mic makes me sound almost competent. A few quick announcements before we start talking about your “Tools” goals for the year…

Thanks to those of you who attended my Edge Studio webinar, “Tracking, Billing, and Database Software”. We had another great turnout! Next month I will teach, “Rates, Negotiating, and Invoicing”. Click on this link to register!

I had a serendipitous moment this past Friday. For the past six months I have been voicing a series of videos for McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union via Longshot Productions and Panetta Studios. My friend Chris Vaglio of Grey Sky Films, whom I did years of production work for, asked me to run an on-camera casting session for him in NYC. And what was it for, you may ask? McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union! Is this a small world or what?

OK, let’s talk about Tools. It’s pretty darn self-explanatory. Tools are whatever you need to ply your trade. In a voice talent’s case, that would be stuff like a recording system, a computer, demos, office supplies, and a website. These are my Tools Goals for 2012: Synchronize my phone, laptop, desktop, Outlook, and CRM software Improve SEO of my website and blog Order more postcards xxxx website/blog hits YouTube VO Video ReelXUpgrade my computerXBuy a new microphoneXLook for online backup options (Carbonite, BitCasa, or CrashPlan) CRM software: Performer Track Get a Logo Stamp! Buy a Samsung Galaxy Get a Micport Pro? Produce a new Audiobook Demo Produce an E-Learning DemoXClean up my Narration Demo Produce three new spots for my Commercial Demo

Notice how some of them are checked off already? Me likey!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Why are Tools goals important? It’s not just about getting new toys, though that is fun. Your Tools enhance your ability to look better, sound better, and function better. It reflects competence and the willingness to invest in yourself, which ultimately means you are investing in your clients. Don’t be a tool; get better Tools!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Enjoy every sandwich. Warren Zevon

STUFF!: GO G-MEN!!! What a crazy game last night. I had about fourteen heart attacks watching that game, especially the second half. I’m sincerely looking forward to the prospect of the Giants putting the beat-down on the Patriots. Kids, we are Super Bowl bound!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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