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GKN Weekly Update 7/25/11

Oh boy, is it Monday already? Time to write the GKN Weekly Update! Monday just can’t come soon enough for me. It feels like a Monday, though…

The weeks are just getting busier and busier! Last week I finished recording “A History of Terraforming” by Robert Reed (no, not Mr. Brady) and started “Troika” by Alastair Reynolds. This was my fourth Reed book and my second Reynolds book. It’s pretty cool narrating different stories by the same authors.

The big event last week was attending MarCom at Fayfair Farms in West Orange. My favorite group (MCA-I) was one of the sponsors and it was great to see my buddies Paul Payton, Liz DeNesnera, Melissa Exelberth, and many others. I scored my usual pile of business cards from vendors, potential small to mid-size clients, and fellow freelancers. The space was beautiful and the food was good, too.

However, the turnout was much smaller than advertised and I didn’t really notice any major companies there looking for freelancers. That was a bit disappointing, since I was hoping for the presence of potential big clients like pharmaceutical companies or major production companies like Sony. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really glad I went and had a great time, but I guess I set expectations that were unrealistic. All that aside, I met some wonderful new people that I look forward to getting to know and hopefully work with down the road.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Like I say, there is always the potential to network in every situation, especially a networking event! I made it a point to visit every vendor table and introduce myself to as many fellow networkers as possible. In situations like that, you have to be proactive. You never know who you’re going to meet!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Brevity is the brother of brilliance. George Steinbrenner

STUFF!: I want to thank Paul Payton and Liz DeNesnera for representing MCA-I so well and Paul did a great job at the podium. You guys rock!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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