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GKN Weekly Update 5/3/09

Happy May! A bit of a wet start to the month, ay? Isn’t that only supposed to happen in April?

Last week was a bit light so this’ll be short. The only in-person audition I had was a VO spot for Tecate Light. Funny script! While there I bumped into fellow GKN member Mike Rivera Smith who played Kevin the Cat in that Cartoon Network pilot I did. It was great seeing you, Mike, and I wish you continued success in South Pacific at Lincoln Center!

I also had a great conference call with my fellow Project TERRA creators. The real animation has begun!

Since last week was light I picked up a copy of the Ross Reports so I can do a targeted mailing of every agent & casting director I’ve met over the years at Voiceovers Unlimited. Did you know the Ross Reports is now called the Call Sheet and it’s $10.50 an issue? Thanks to Steve Caputo for directing me to the Barnes and Noble in Paramus!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Wow, my first slow week in months! It was bound to happen. Good thing I have my Action Plan to keep me on track. That’s how I got inspired to do the new targeted mailing. It’s my go to, the thing that keeps me grounded. Call it nerdy, anal, micromanaging, or what have you, it certainly works for me!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Rule of the Great: When people you greatly admire appear to be thinking deep thoughts, they probably are thinking about lunch. Anonymous

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What keeps you grounded, if anything? Family, a desire to succeed, the need to eat?

Have a great week!


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