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GKN Weekly Update 4/4/11

And a Happy Monday to you all! I hope you had as a pleasant weekend as I did. It was uneventful, which is why it was so darn pleasant…

Last week was quite a successful one on the VO front, but I won’t bore you with what gigs I did & stuff. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I stopped doing that a while ago. I realized the GKN Weekly Update is about coming together, sharing, and helping, not about extolling the breadth and depth of my awesomeness (or lack thereof).

I will share this tidbit, though. Last week I had a recording session with a new client, courtesy of Voice123. Strangely enough, I landed the gig less than 24 hours after renewing my subscription! Anyway, it was supposed to be a phone patch session from my home, but since the client is in New York, they asked if I would come to the city. So my choice was: record from the comfort of my own home or trudge into the city by bus during crappy weather, taking at least an additional three hours which I could spend looking for more work and not getting wet. Guess which one I did?

TIP OF THE WEEK: That’s right! I went into the city. I had a great time and worked with some wonderful people. If given the choice, I will always meet the client in person, especially if it’s a new client. It’s so much easier to connect and make a good impression. And they got some free Tom Dheere pens! Gotta love the swag…

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If you look at someone long enough, you discover their humanity. As Good As It Gets

STUFF!: In all fairness, they did pay me more for going to the studio, but that wasn’t the determining factor in my choice. It didn’t hurt though!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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