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GKN Weekly Update 3/23/09

Wassup my homies?

I’m exhausted (I just got out of a six-hour recording session) so I’ll keep this one short. Last week was as crazy as the week before!

Monday I finished narrating “The Ray Gun: A Love Story”.

Tuesday I had an Amex commercial audition in NYC courtesy of IFM.

Wednesday I had a recording session in NYC for Pearson Asia and I narrated “Fixing Hanover”.

Thursday I started narrating “Shoggoths In Bloom”.

Friday I finished narrating “Shoggoths”, started narrating “Five Thrillers”, and had a recording session for ETS in Princeton.

I also managed to squeeze in a small dubbing session for a production company in Berlin.

TIP OF THE WEEK: We were talking about Marketing, right? Here’s a nugget: do everything you can to distinguish yourselves from your competitors. What do I do? Why, the Good Karma Network, of course!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax. Abraham Lincoln

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What makes you stand out from your colleagues? What special service or asset do you bring to the table?

Have a great week!

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