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GKN Weekly Update 2/28/11

Last week was very cool in my world, technologically speaking. Allow me to elaborate…

I got studio monitors! The ever-spiny Phillip Banks recommended the Alesis M1 Active 250 but they were out of stock at Guitar Center (BTW that’s where I get all my studio equipment and they have never steered me wrong). Instead I got the Tascam VL-M3. They were on sale and I love them. I’ve always had PC speakers and they make a world of difference!

I downloaded a new Internet Browser called Rockmelt. This thing rocks! (get it?) This browser is geared online toward social networking and it has a bunch of great little features towards that end. This was recommended to me by my buddy Morgan Barnhart. Thanks, Morgan!

Here is the big news: I’m getting a new website!!! It will still be but it will be powered by WordPress and have a completely new look. This here blog will also be hosted by the website. Remember how I posted a little while back about how inefficient my blog posting is? Well, no more! A big thanks to Jessalynn Coolbaugh for all her hard work. The new site should be up & running in a few weeks.

TIP OF THE WEEK: I’m not a real tech-savvy person in general. I’m better at teaching people how to use stuff than to use it, actually. My parents were teachers and I was a corporate restaurant trainer for many years so I guess it comes naturally. I was given a great piece of advice when it comes to learning new things, which gets harder and harder as we get older: learn with the intent to teach. It completely changes how you process new information! You find yourself not just mindlessly sucking in data just so you can belch it all over a test a few days later in hopes of getting a good grade. It forces you to listen, truly listen (remember last week’s Tip?) This will be my approach when I have to figure out how to use WordPress in a few weeks. Wish me luck…


Happy post-Oscar Day! Did your favorites win? Not only did I forget to print up one of those voting sheets to track my picks, I almost forgot about the Oscars entirely. All I got to say is: Nine Inch Nails won an Oscar!!!


I swore I’d live above myself. Gabriel Byrne as Dean Keaton in the Usual Suspects


The GKN Update is coming at you a little late today since I was watching my darling Asha all day. She is the best-behaved little girl I have ever encountered, and she STILL trashed my place like Axel Rose at a hotel party!

From Tom Dheere’s fershimmeled apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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