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GKN Weekly Update 11.29.10

And a Happy Post-Thanksgiving Post-Black Friday, Post-Turkey Overload to you! I had a fantastic holiday weekend and I hope you did, too. The corn casserole was a hit and the kids loved the little dinosaurs I gave them. Yes, I bought their love, that’s what I do.

Remember that 50-script medical narration project I’ve been waiting for? They’re here! Well, the first two scripts are here. I recorded one of them last week which marks the first Thanksgiving week that I’ve had a VO project to do. I have finally arrived!

So, this weekend is the 3rd Annual New York VO Mixer. I mentioned it a few weeks ago and I hope you reserved a spot. I think it’s too late to RSVP since I think about 300 people are going to be there. It will be at the Tonic Bar in Times Square. It’s gonna be fun on a bun! AND I get to pass out my swanky new business cards. Can business cards even be swanky…?

TIP OF THE WEEK: I am PUMPED for the VO Mixer! I just looked at the Guest List and I know over 50 of the people who will be in attendance. I mean like I really know them, in real life! Obviously I’m excited to see so many of my friends, but the networking aspect is very important, too. When it comes to networking, nothing beats meeting a contact in person, shaking their hand, and looking them straight in the eye. All the Tweeting in the world can’t replace that. Make it a point to go beyond electronic marketing whenever you can.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Only the noblest of goals requires pain and sacrifice. Anonymous

STUFF!: I saw two movies last week. Harry Potter: great! Angels & Demons: not so much. Are they doing a third Dan Brown movie any time soon?

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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