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GKN Weekly Update 10/4/10

Happy October! I hope you’re enjoying this somewhat icky, rainy, chilly day. Not the best way to start the month, but I’ll take this over the endless onslaught of 90+ degree weather we had this summer any day!

So, a lot of interesting stuff happened last week, but there is only one thing I want to talk about. Last night I and some of my fellow VO talents got together for dinner in New York City! It was me, Melissa Exelberth, Kara Edwards, Patrick O’Connor, Rachel Rauch, and a special guest appearance by Patrick’s dog Bailey! All of us met via the Voiceover Bulletin Board and we had dinner at City Crab on Park Avenue. The food was fantastic! Even though we all knew each other, some of us had never met in person so it was fascinating to watch everyone interact. After dinner we went to Times Square to take some pictures:

A great time was had by all!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Man, I had a wonderful time last night. It was so great to see everybody and just have fun. Being the marketing/networking fanatic I am, you’d think that was on my mind. It never occurred to me the entire night! There was almost no shop talk, no complaining about the state of the industry or smack-talking, etc. Last night was about friends getting together to have a good time. Here’s my challenge to all of you: the next time you’re socializing with professional colleagues; try not to talk about your industry and instead take the time to get to know them as a person.You’d be amazed!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Don’t worry. It’s a killer. The damage is done. Have a giggle. Live for the now. David Helfgott from the movie “Shine”

STUFF!: Patrick tried to give me about five different Quotes of the Week but I forgot them all! Thanks for for the effort, Paddyo.


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