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GKN 3/27/12 – FaffCon 4, A Reflection…

Good evening fellow Faffers and Faffer-wannabees! I am sick. Yay. I caught a cold on the flight to LA and muscled through it for the entire weekend but what can you do? My apologies to those I infected…

For those of you who read about my adventures at FaffCon 3 in Hershey, PA I said over and over again what an incredible and enlightening experience it was. So here’s what went down, y’all…

I flew in on Thursday morning with some VO pals and went to Hollywood!

That’s a pic I took of Grauman’s Chinese theater. Then we went to see a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Friday was our FaffCon field trip to go whale-watching. We didn’t see any whales, but I got footage of some dolphins who were swimming with our boat!

Then we had a picnic courtesy of In-N-Out Burger. Tasty!

After that was Opening Circle led by our amazing, wonderful FaffCon founder Amy Snively. I love her so much!

That evening was the Voice Registry Weekend Workout led by Abrams Artists  VO agent Dean Panaro. We read commercial scripts aloud and Dean critiqued us. I was extremely impressed by some of the reads of my fellow Faffers! How did I do? It’s a long story, but it went well.

The weekend was two full days of seminars about a variety of subjects led by some incredible people. I learned about home recording studio construction, how to land an agent, “inviting the avalanche”, mastering conversational copy, and branding.

I also had the privilege of leading my own seminar on Goals & Action Plans, but the real thrill was co-leading a double-session on audiobooks with my good friends Peter Bishop and Bob Souer. We had a blast! I was honored to work with them.

TIP OF THE WEEK: This was a very trying weekend for me.  Now that I have achieved a certain level of success in my life professionally, I challenged myself to dig deeper and confront some of my inner demons. It was extremely hard but I learned a lot and I’m very excited to put my new-found wisdom into action.

Here’s the deal, kids. You need to continually challenge yourself. Question your methods and your results so you don’t get complacent. Seek out events to attend, books to read, and peers to guide you. Keep moving forward!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Experience gained is directly proportional to equipment ruined. Anonymous

STUFF!: I want to thank Amy Snively and the event staff for making FaffCon 4 one of the most important and fulfilling experiences of my life. You guys rock!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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