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A Voiceover Tuneup! – The GKN Weekly Update 9/3/13

Happy Labor Day and Happy Rosh Hashanah! I prefer to say Happy Birthday, Adam and Eve. BTW what color tie goes with a fig leaf?

NEWS AND NOTES: This week I will be interviewed by Judith Arnold, the author of “Safe Harbor”. It will be video taped & posted on YouTube as well as a few other places online. It’s gonna be fun! Oh, and the book releases today!

OK, so it’s a new month, a new school year, and a new artificially imposed season. You know, that “It’s still technically summer but we’re gonna start selling Halloween stuff anyway and hope nobody notices” season? Yes, it drives me batty, too. Get it? Batty? Never mind.

Anyway, now is as good a time as any to pop the hood on that voiceover career and run a diagnostic, right?

Alrighty then, let’s grab the clipboard and see where we’re at…

Cash Flow: How’s your revenue? Are you on pace to beat last year’s earnings? How’s your budget? Are you staying within your spending limits?

(as of right now I’m on pace to beat last year’s earnings by about 7% and spend 6% below my budget so all’s good there)

Tools: Did you update your demos this year? Your website? Your home studio?

(no new demos this year but I did update my website with new samples and testimonials. I also got a new computer and a new tablet so I’m covered with home and mobile recording.)

Technique: How have you improved your instrument this year?

(I got some coaching and did quite a few VoiceBank Weekend Workout submissions)

Marketing: How’s your SEO? Your Social Media presence? And I don’t mean your Candy Crush score!

(In Google I’m on Page One for “Explainer Video Narrator” and “Male Voiceover” so that’s nifty. My Klout score is 54. Is that good? Does anyone even know what that means?!)

Health: What kind of shape are you in physically? Are you happy? Motivated?

(I’m up about 6 pounds for the year which sucks but I’m down about three pounds from my heaviest this year so I’m working on it. And yes I’m always happy and motivated!)

TIP OF THE WEEK: When you’re self-employed, you really need to keep tabs on yourself. Why? Because no one else will! Even if you have an Accountabilibuddy you are ultimately responsible for your well-being. Take the time to run a self-diagnostic. Be thorough, ask the right questions, and don’t BS yourself!


(On Calvin Coolidge) Mr. Coolidge’s genius for inactivity is developed to a very high point.

It is not an indolent inactivity. It is a grim, determined, alert inactivity, which keeps Mr. Coolidge occupied constantly.

Columnist Walter Lippmann, 1926

STUFF!: IFC airs some pretty crazy movies. Last week I saw “Pathfinder” which I think is pretty darn good even though it got crushed at the box office and for the first time I saw “The Warriors” the whole way through. “Warriors! Come out to play-ee-ayy!”

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere; GKN News…


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