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Voiceovers And Being A Grownup – The Not Silent Blog 5/3/16

I love Big.

It’s a fantastic film. If you haven’t seen it, and later we’ll try to figure out what the hell is wrong with you, “Big” is about a kid who makes a wish and turns into a grownup.

In my favorite scene, the “bad guy” Paul is complaining about Tom Hank’s character Josh Baskin to Josh’s adult girlfriend, Susan.

Paul: What’s so special about Baskin?

Susan: He’s a grownup.

I’ve always delighted in the irony of that exchange. Josh is kind, caring, honest, and respectful: qualities that grownups are supposed to have. Most of the adults in the film have lost their way and are a bunch of soulless jerk-wads.

I’ve noticed a correlation between the level of success a voice talent achieves and how much of a grownup they are in terms of both personal and professional maturity. What does it mean to be a “grownup” voice talent?


Cash Flow: you have revenue goals and a budget that you stick to. You spend & save thoughtfully. When negotiating with clients never look for the “maximum kill”.

Tools: You have a quality microphone, up-to-date software, and an easy-to-navigate website with strong demos, your contact information, and your social media buttons on the main page.

Technique: you are a trained voice talent. You keep up with the times. You know how to interpret copy and take direction. You are a good listener who isn’t in love with the sound of your own voice.

Marketing: Your brand is in harmony with your voice, age, gender, skill sets, and personality.  Your social media presence isn’t the “Look At Me” show.

Health: you are in shape both inside and out. You are a thoughtful contributor with strong values and always strive to give to the voiceover community, not take.


If you’re an APA member, the webinar that  Andi Arndt and I did, “Give yourself a Raise – Time Management for Narrators” is now available! Go to, log in, hover over the Member Resources button, and click on Webinars.

No blog next week! Why? Because I will be yucking it up in Chicago at the Audio Publisher Association Conference. Yes, I will also be at Johnny Heller’s Spendliferous Workshop, the APA Mixer, The Audies, and The Naudies. See you there?



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From my village to yours; this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…

Tom Dheere is a 20-year veteran of the voice over industry who has narrated thousands of projects for clients in over a dozen countries. He is also a coach at Edge Studio, voiceover business consultant known as the Voice Over Strategist, and is currently writing & producing the comic book “Agent 1.22”.


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