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GKN Weekly Update 6/7/10

Good morning, ladies and germs! I was babysitting Asha most of last Monday so blogging wasn’t terribly practical. Sorry I missed my weekly rant!

So, I did a medical narration last week for a great new client. I narrated a few short speeches on DNA repair and this is one of the lines:

“Hypoxanthine DNA glycosylase, 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylase, and uracil DNA glycosylase recognize hypoxanthine, and 3-methyladenine, and uracil, respectively, when these bases are present in DNA.”

Say that five times fast. Or better yet, one time slow! Obviously, this wasn’t easy. The client provided me with pronunciation guides as well as audio clips to assist me. After many, many takes (Thank God I recorded this at home with nobody listening!), I finally admitted something to myself that, as a voiceover talent, is unacceptable: I suck at pronunciation guide terminology and symbols.

Apparently I slept through that part of class. So, fellow voice-talkers, I need a favor. Does anyone have a printable one-page pronunciation guide? It would make my life, and the lives of my clients, MUCH easier!

TIP OF THE WEEK: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS! If you stink at something, admit it, and try to improve. AND don’t be ashamed to ask for help! It takes strength to admit weakness.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: One disease, long life. No disease, short life. Chinese Proverb

STUFF!: I saw Prince of Persia last week. I hate to use the word “stupid” but I can’t think of a more appropriate adjective. BTW my friend T.J. Zoltner posted on Facebook last week: “According to Prince of Persia all you need is eyeliner, stubble and a British accent and you too can be Persian.” That cracks me up!

Have a great week!


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