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GKN Weekly Update 12/4/12 – The DON’TS And Don’ts of the VO Mixer

‘sup? Do anything fun this weekend? I sorted my sock drawer & that’s about it. Oh, and I went to…

…and hoo-boy this was one for the books!

This was my outfit for the Mixer and no, I don’t look like Elvis Costello.

I’m not even remotely that cool.

Friday was dinner for 30 at Hurley’s,

(look at those happy voice talkers! BTW thanks Trish for setting it up)

a birthday party at The Stag’s Head,

(that’s me and my buddy Trish Basanyi)

with a quick stop to see The Tree at The Rock.

(ooo, pretty….)

Saturday was lunch at Mustang Harry’s,

(that’s Trish and one of my favorite people on the planet, Bob Souer)

a pre-Mixer Mixer at Edge Studio (sorry no pics I could only stay for a few minutes),

a bike rickshaw ride with my pal Lauren McCollough,

the Mixer itself at Slate,

(that’s one of the many wonderful gang photos I got to be in, BTW I’m the one with the snifter)

an after-party at the Greensquare Tavern,

(oh look, another gang photo with me standing next to awesome people!)

and an after-after party at Veloce Wine Bar and an after-after-after party at McMannus.

(no pictures permitted beyond this point)

Sunday involved sleeping in and warm beverages at the RoastTown Cafe.

As always, I had an incredible time and got to hang out with old friends as well as make some new ones!

TIP OF THE WEEK: While I was involved in various forms of merriment & mirth at the VO Mixer, I noticed that some folks did not heed my advice from last week’s post (tsk tsk). While I can forgive men wearing jeans and attempts to hand demo CD’s to people, there is one transgression I cannot ignore.

A friend told me that someone at the Mixer approached her and asked if I was a casting agent. She replied, “No, that’s Tom Dheere. He’s a full-time voice talent.” His response? “Oh.” and he walked away. Yeah.

Friends, if that’s your frame of mind when attending a networking event, may I suggest community theater? (dammit, I did it again)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s not about who you know, it’s about how you treat who you know.

If the gentleman in question took the time to strike up a conversation with me, I would have been happy to introduce him to the casting directors & agents that were there, which I did for numerous others throughout the evening.

C’est la vie! (that’s French for “sucks to be him”)

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly. Anonymous

STUFF!: The NY VO Mixer is very important to me. I have attended all five of them and found both professional & personal fulfillment from each and every one. I truly hope they continue (it was announced this is the last one) because it’s too good not to!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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