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GKN Weekly Update 10/27/08

Happy Halloween!

Anyone dressing up this year? I’m going to a party on Friday and I am tragically uninspired. My friend will have an extra banana costume waiting for me so I may just go with that. Are you guys doing anything fun?

I don’t know about you, but business has been a bit slow on my end and I found out for a fact that is has to do with the economy. A client that I was supposed to do ten more commercials for said they just don’t have the money to produce them anymore. My main clients are still around but a bunch of the smaller ones are tightening the belt. The good news is that historically the fourth quarter of an election year is good for the economy. Increased consumer confidence, etc, etc. We’ll see what happens soon enough!

I only had one gig last week (ETS) but I did have a fun on-camera audition for Papa John’s courtesy of Ingrid French. Let me tell you, pretending that a potato chip is a slice of pizza is no easy task!

I also auditioned for a grad student’s animated film about a little boy who sneezes himself inside-out. Gross!

On the Project TERRA front, we have more sketches! This one is of Chromium Industries CEO Angela Miller:

Isn’t Teddy amazing? Keep up the great work!

I’m also working on Project TERRA: The Movie. Basically I’m mashing all ten episodes of Season One together to make a 90-minute screenplay. So far so good!

I’m using Technorati and MyBlogLog to track the Project TERRA blog’s site traffic. If you use either of those sites, please add Agent 122’s blog to your Favorites:

BTW I’d really like to know what you think of the Project TERRA blog. I really enjoy writing it!

TIP OF THE WEEK: It’s really important to keep moving forward. Always find something to help advance yourself both professionally and personally. If you’re an actor, write that one-man show. If you’re a dancer, choreograph a piece that showcases your talent. Just because the economy is sluggish doesn’t mean you should be, too!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: You know why it’s best living at the water’s edge? Because you’ve only got ***holes on three sides of you. And if they’re coming from the other way you can hear them splash. George Carlin

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What can you do to put yourself out there? How can you showcase your talent?

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


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