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Engaging Your Audience with Stellar Explainer Video Narration

In today's fast-paced world, explainer videos are essential for effectively conveying your message to your audience. They provide a quick, easy, and entertaining way to showcase a product, service, or idea. Whether it's a website service, new invention, or even a Kickstarter campaign, captivating narration lies at the heart of every successful explainer video.

Explainer vs. eLearning

Many people wonder if explainer videos are the same as eLearning. While it's true that both are informative and fall under non-broadcast genres, there's a key difference between them. Explainers promote a product or service (similar to commercials), while eLearning aims to teach viewers how to do or use something.

Traits of Explainer Videos

1. Fun and concise: Explainers are designed to grab the audience's attention by being enjoyable and easy to understand.

2. Versatile: These videos can be employed for various purposes - from promoting website services and introducing new inventions to launching Kickstarter campaigns.

3. Short duration: Keeping the audience hooked is crucial; hence explainer videos typically range from 1 to 2 minutes in length.

4. Non-broadcast: As informational videos, explainers are not aired on television or radio channels.


The art of crafting engaging explainer video narration has never been more critical for capturing your audience's attention within seconds. By being fun, concise, versatile, and providing valuable information in short snippets displaying your product or service offerings may yield great results!

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Tom Dheere is a voice actor with over 25 years of experience narrating just about every type of voiceover you can think of. He also helps other voice talents navigate the voiceover industry as the VO Strategist. When not voicing or talking about voicing, he produces the sci-fi comic book Agent 1.22.


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