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5 Questions You Should Always Ask A Voice Talent – The GKN Weekly Update 1/28/14

In response to my Voiceover Xtra article, “‘How Much Money Do You Make?’ … And Other Questions Never To Ask”, which was derived from my recent blog entry, “5 Questions Most Voice Talents Won’t Answer“,  a question was posed:

What questions SHOULD you ask a voice talent in a networking context in an effort to advance your career?

The answer is: none. Well, nothing voiceover related, that is.

If you’re an aspiring voice talent at a networking event and you encounter a successful voice talent, coach, producer, agent, etc. the LAST thing you should be asking them is if you can “pick their brain”, “get some tips”, or try to arrange an interview or audition. They get practically mugged by new talent every time they go out and can see you coming from a mile away. Don’t be that guy!

Instead, treat them like a human being, not a walking voiceover slot machine. Ask them about their family, their taste in music, their favorite sports team. Develop a rapport with them. Determine if THEY are a person that YOU would want to work with. When given a choice, people always prefer to work with people they like. Be likable! And if you don’t like them, why would want to work with them?

If you really want to do some hardcore networking, here my challenge to you. When you go to your next networking event; offer no business cards, don’t bring up what you do for a living unless directly asked, and once you answer their questions (without trying to show off), immediately ask them a question that has nothing to do with your career or theirs. Put the focus on them as a person.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Here are five questions you should ask yourself as a voice talent.

  1. Am I being honest with myself about my talent? Do I truly have to ability to be a successful voice actor, or am just I fooling myself because I hate my job, I have stars in my eyes, etc.?

  2. Am I being honest with myself about my demos? Am I as good as them, or were they overproduced? Can I truly duplicate that sound when I’m alone in the booth?

  3. Am I being honest with myself about my business system? Do I have one at all? Do I even know what the hell that question means?

  4. Am I being honest with myself about my Cash Flow? Can I afford to invest properly and consistently in becoming a voice talent?

  5. Am I being honest with myself about my marketing ability? Do I have the acumen to brand myself? Do I have an effective social media presence? Do I have the people skills to network successfully?


Thanks for tuning in to Episode Two of “We Move Animals”. Which segment did you enjoy the most; the rescue dogs, the croc monitor, or the pot-bellied pigs? Here’s the viewing schedule for the week in case you missed one or both episodes. I think the next airing is this Wednesday. Thanks again for your support!

I saw the film “Hyde Park on Hudson” over the weekend. It’s about Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s affair with his cousin. Fascinating historically and Bill Murray played a great FDR, but it was a bit of a snoozer.


Happy Chinese New Year, Groundhog Day, and Super Bowl Sunday! Can you imagine what it would be like having all three of them on the same day? I’d be dressed up like a dragon eating buffalo wings while looking for my shadow. That could get messy…


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