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What Does Voiceover Success Mean To You? – The GKN Weekly Update 7/15/14

Hello and Happy Tapioca Day and National Nude Day! There are so many things I could write right now…


It’s my 6th blog-aversary! In October 2006 I created the Good Karma Network as a Yahoo Group but July 14th, 2008 I  wrote my first blog entry. Here it is!

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I went to a pool party over the weekend and I was chewing the fat with some of my non-voicer-type buddies. One of them is a freelance tile layer so we frequently discuss the challenges of being self-employed. Stuff like logistics, getting paid on time, etc.

Another friend asked if I was in the union and I said that I’m not and at this point in my career, I don’t want to be. Of course he asked why. I replied that I wouldn’t want to lose any non-union work and going fi-core can be sticky and is an unpopular move in some circles. Someone asked, “Don’t you want to be in a Disney movie? Wouldn’t that get you to the next level?” Me answering “Not necessarily” is when I started getting the funny looks…


That conversation reminded me how different a freelancer’s life is on many different levels. One is the definition of success and the path to it.

Most non-voicers think our definition of success is “rich and famous”. I don’t know about you, but I have no interest in being either rich or famous and I have never have. Even when I decided to become an actor in high school, my goal was to be good enough that I would get steady work; whether it was in TV, film, or theater. Being “good enough” meant a lot to me and it still does. It meant that I made a choice and saw it through.

As to the path to success, for wage and salary-earners the path is vertical. Climbing the ladder to the top, so to speak. In our industry, I think the path is not vertical but spherical. Landing a big gig, say, a Danielle Steel audio book 🙂 , does not necessarily mean you’ve “made it” or that the next gig will be even bigger. The roots of your career should spread out in all directions. Meet good people along the way and be kind & respectful, regardless of their status. Remember that the only person responsible for your success is you. Oh, and never forget that you were a newbie once, too!


You can’t complain about a bumpy ride if you’re the one driving the bus.

Michael A. Smith

STUFF!: These are my definitions of success and the path to it, not necessarily yours. In fact I do know some voice talents, actors, etc. who have the “fight your way to the top” mentality and that they they want everyone to know who they are and stroke their egos constantly. Hey, whatever blows your hair back!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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