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Voiceovers And 2016 – The Not Silent Blog 12/20/16

2016. What a year.

Between the election, the disturbing amount of celebrity deaths, shootings, and other unfortunate world events it’s left a lot of people shaken, angry, and scared for what the future may hold for us.

Reading the News Feed on Facebook feels like watching Avatar: it’s spectacular, hyper-preachy, and seems to go on forever. I think it’s because many feel over-empowered while others feel powerless. Everyone is shouting at the rain and no one is listening. I hate seeing so many friends so angry on so many levels for so many different reasons.


My friends, do not despair! If you’ve been feeling angry, sad, or despondent: take a breath. Hug your dog. Have a cream soda. Jump on YouTube and watch a ridiculous video, like this one!

Feel better now? 🙂

I’m going to take a “blog break” until the New Year but I will be back all fired up & ready to guide you through 2017 with more tips, quotes, and silly stories about my voiceover antics. In two weeks I will begin my annual blog mini-series on setting goals for 2017. I look forward to helping you start the New Year on the right foot. Be safe, be warm, and tell 2016 to kiss your ass!


Ten years ago Angelo Panetta called me and said, “I’ve got a writing assignment for you.” That writing assignment became what is now known as Agent 1.22. It’s been quite a ride! Thanks for everyone’s support over the years.

The Years’ Top Short SF Novels 6” is now on sale! I had the privilege of narrating Gypsy by Carter Scholz and What Has Passed Shall in Kinder Light Appear by Bao Shu.


Happy Maple Syrup Day and Crossword Puzzle Day! I’m talking to you, Liz de Nesnera!


From my village to yours; this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…

Tom Dheere is a 20-year veteran of the voice over industry who has narrated thousands of projects for clients in over a dozen countries. He is also a coach at Edge Studio, voiceover business consultant known as the Voice Over Strategist, and is currently producing the comic book “Agent 1.22”.


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