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The Voiceover Conspiracy Exposed! – The GKN Weekly Update 2/4/14

Another question was posed in reference to my recent blog entry: “5 Questions Most Voice Talents Won’t Answer“.

To paraphrase: Is there is an “insider clique” that prevents some talent from obtaining an agent that gets you work, not just auditions?

Yes, there is. And the conspiracy is massive.

I have a manager and multiple agents. Sometimes I have to audition for a gig, sometimes I book gigs from the client listening to my demo. I get more direct bookings from the representation that I have a stronger relationship with. Not because we’re drinking buddies or they just like my face and don’t like yours, but because I have proven over a long, long period of time (some almost a decade) that I can represent them well. They submit me without an audition because they know I can deliver the goods when I’m in the booth. By “the goods” I mean I show up early, I’m fun to work with, I take direction well, and the clients always get what they need.

If you want to call an “insider clique” a group of professionals who, after many years of working together, have developed a relationship of trust based on consistently positive results and minimal stress, then fine. It’s a conspiracy that people want to work with other people they like & trust that get results. Call the FBI.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Stop obsessing over getting representation. You do not need an agent right out of the gate to be a successful voice talent. Agents almost never represent unproven talent. If you’re an aspiring talent, don’t worry about getting an agent anytime soon. There are literally dozens of casting sites and thousands of production companies, ad agencies, and recording studios you can find online to get work. Develop your skills, hone your marketing skills, build relationships, so that in a few years you’ll be so freaking awesome that agents can’t ignore you!


  1. I want to thank all of you for watching the three episodes of “We Move Animals”. Now we wait for the returns. Fingers crossed! BTW you can catch all three episodes on Wednesday 2/5 at 3PM, 9PM, and 10PM EST as well as see Episodes Two and Three on the Nat Geo Wild website.

  2. I had a fantastic time speaking before the Vegas Voicers Meetup group last week. A big thanks to Melissa Moats for asking me to appear. It was fun!

HAPPY HAPPYS: Happy Broncos-Pooped-Themselves Day! Have you ever seen a beat-down like that in a Super Bowl? Yikes.


STUFF!: I watched a fascinating documentary last week, ‘The Other F-Word“. It’s about punk rockers from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s who are now fathers. It’s thoughful and hilarious and poignant all at the same time. I highly recommend it. Thanks for the suggestion, Carly!

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