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The Voice That Elevates Your Phone System: Why Tom Dheere Should Be Your Go-To Voice Talent


Have you ever been stuck on the phone with an automated message system that sounds like a robot having a bad day? Don't let your business suffer from this annoyance! Clients and customers appreciate a welcoming and professional voice greeting them when they call. Introducing Tom Dheere, the versatile voice actor who can enhance your phone systems, messages on hold, and interactive voice response (IVR) phone trees.

Experience and Expertise

Tom Dheere has spent over two decades honing his craft in the voice acting industry. His impressive list of satisfied clients speaks volumes about the quality of his work. From small businesses to multinational corporations, clients trust Tom's distinct vocal charm to represent their brands.

Setting the Tone

Tom's voice embodies warmth, confidence, and a high level of professionalism. When potential customers reach out to your business, their first impression is often set by your phone system. Tom’s vocal presence provides a seamless experience for clients, making them feel valued and at ease.


One of Tom's greatest strengths as a voice actor is his ability to adapt to any situation. This makes him an excellent candidate for phone systems that require varying tones or styles based on different contexts. From friendly greetings to precise instructions, Tom can convey complex information with ease while maintaining listener engagement.

Personalized Approach

A cookie-cutter response won't leave a lasting impression on your clients. With Tom Dheere in your corner, you have someone who goes above and beyond, customizing scripts to fit your brand’s unique personality and core values.

Rising Above the Competition

In today's fiercely competitive market, hiring a talented voice actor like Tom Dheere is an investment in setting your company apart. Create memorable experiences for your clients through engaging IVR interactions that promote loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

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Tom Dheere is a voice actor with over 25 years of experience narrating just about every type of voiceover you can think of. He also helps other voice talents navigate the voiceover industry as the VO Strategist. When not voicing or talking about voicing, he produces the sci-fi comic book Agent 1.22.


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