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GKN Weekly Update 9/15/08

Hello, my peeps! What up, yo?

First off I’d like to say thanks for all of the kind birthday wishes many of you sent my way. I was overwhelmed! Saturday was my 37th Birthday and I had a great time at Arthur’s Steakhouse in Morris Plains, NJ with some dear friends. Onion soup and ribs, BOOYAH!!!

Let’s get right into the fun stuff!

Last week I did an online spot for Pushpocket courtesy of Monsoon Interactive. They’ve hired me to do many online tutorials. I just added OnLetterhead, OnMarketer, and Monsoon Interactive samples to my website. Check ’em out! To see the the first two, click on “Let us show you how!”

We now have a Project TERRA teaser! A huge thank you goes out to fellow GKN member Kara Edwards for providing her immeasurable talent!

Last week I was an extra for “30 Rock”! I haven’t done background actor work in a long time and it was a blast. I was one of the many White Haven High School alumni attending Liz Lemon’s high school reunion. I met some really wonderful people including Meredith Jacobs, a very talented & fun person who has her own sketch-comedy troupe “The Polite Society”. I was right next to Alec Baldwin, special guests Janel Maloney (West Wing) and Diane Neal (Law & Order SVU) and I got to talk to Tina Fey! I think it will air Thursday, November 20. I’m exhausted but it was worth it!

TIP OF THE WEEK: One thing that really impressed me on the shoot of “30 Rock” was the level of talent & quality of technique among the principals, Alec Baldwin especially. I never realized what a good actor and how damn funny he is! I’ve said before that nobody thinks they can pick up a violin and start playing it well, but every yutz with minimal training and no experience thinks they can become a star immediately. Regardless of your opinion of him, prolific stars like Alec Baldwin are very talented, have a rock-solid technique, and have worked very hard over a long period of time to get where they are. So keep taking your classes, refine your technique, and network network network!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Don’t make your problem my problem! Alec Baldwin yelling into his cell phone on the set of “30 Rock”

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What have you done lately to improve the quality of your work?

Have a great week!


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