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GKN Weekly Update 8/4/08

Good Monday to ya!

How’s tricks? I feel better today than I have in a while! I’m back to my old energy level (which is pretty damn high) even though that stone is still wriggling about. I’m really looking forward to getting back on track this week.

Career-wise, July was the slowest month I’ve ever had. It kind of worked out since I was laid up for a good part of it. The strange part was that June was one of my best months ever so it kind of balanced out. Go figure!

A couple of good things did happen last week. Ingrid French sent me on a VO audition for the National Park Association.

The big news is that I was reviewed for my narration of “Mini-Masterpieces of Science Fiction”. Here’s an excerpt… “…his performance of ‘Kin’ by Bruce McAllister, is stunning…”

“Dheere uses pacing and tone to create a memorable alien that is both menacing and sympathetic at the same time. His narration makes the story come alive… “

“Another story skillfully handled by Dheere is ‘None So Blind,’ by Joe Haldeman. This story presents some intriguing ideas and narrator Dheere amazes by easily phrasing such texts as, ‘Where Cletus divided his time between the musky charms of his beloved and the sterile cubicles of Institute Marey, learning how squids learn things, which was by serotonin pushing adeylate cyclase to catalyze the synthesis of cylic adenosine monophosphate in just the right place.’ Wonder how many times he had to record that sentence to get it exactly right?”

Actually, it only took two takes! To hear “Kin” in its entirety you can go

here . To hear a sample of “The Days Between”, click

here . A big “thank you” goes out to Allen Kaster of Infinivox for casting me!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Last week I mentioned that my friend Kara Edwards expressed concern over blog traffic. It started a wonderful exchange of ideas among about a dozen of us via email. We decided that we will help increase each others internet presence. Every week we will make it a point to visit each others blogs and post comments to either start or maintain thoughtful discussions. We won’t go crazy, just a few a week to get the ball rolling. We also agreed to link up to each others online communities, whether it’s Facebook, My Blog Log, etc.

I think this is a great idea! It’s so important for us to do whatever we can to increase our sense of community in our industry. With that in mind, I humbly ask you to go to my home page At the bottom of the page are icons with links to all of the networking sites I’m a part of. Please add me to your friends list and I will reciprocate.

Also, please share with the GKN if you post blogs and we will make an effort to contribute to yours. I would love nothing more than to be a part of some great discussions generated by you. Why should I do all the talking?!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: All things have an end; except for sausages, which have two ends. Viking Proverb

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:How can you contribute to our industry community? Do you have any interesting ideas to share?

Have a great week!


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