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GKN Weekly Update 8/31/09

Hey guys! Thank goodness it finally cooled off. My sweat glands almost turned inside out!

So, over the weekend I auditioned to be part of the Awareness Audiobooks talent roster in Bethlehem, PA. Everybody there was very nice. The audition process was pretty interesting:

First, I read for the part of a teenage boy. Since most of my VO work involves sounding like a high school or college student, no problem.

Then, I read for the part of an uncle and was asked to use my favorite accent. My favorite is Russian so I used that, no problem.

Then I had to read a high energy breakfast cereal commercial. That’s not my strongest area so I flubbed a few lines. Eek. Problem?

Finally I was asked to do some improvisation (YES!). I was asked to be a caller for a radio talk show. “Talk about something you feel strongly about, like sports. what’s your subject going to be?”

I said, “I feel that all people over the age of 85 should be bronzed.”

A split second of stunned silence was followed by peals of laughter.

‘Well, at least they’ll remember me.’, I thought, and dived into the improv. They loved it!

TIP OF THE WEEK: There is no such thing as a perfect audition and the people that give the best auditions don’t always get the part. Be yourself, work within your limitations, and have fun!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: As to the presidency, the two happiest days of my life were those of my entry upon the office and of my surrender of it. Martin Van Buren

DISCUSS!: When was the last time you thought you blew an audition and landed the part anyway?

Have a great week!


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