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GKN Weekly Update 8/18/08

Good morning!

Man, is the summer just ripping by or what? I hope you’ve been able to hit the beach/lake/park or whatever floats your boat. I was supposed to go to a BBQ yesterday but I had to redo a project since I recorded it in mono and they needed it in stereo. Whoops!

Here’s the latest entry in the “Saga of the Stone”; the good news is that it moved, a lot! So that means surgery is held off for three more weeks since they want to give it time to pass. The bad news is three more weeks of power-chugging water, cranberry juice, etc. and the occasional bouts of discomfort and (hopefully not!) pain. OK then, on to less icky things!

Last week I had two VO sessions for ETS in Princeton and I landed a new client! Have any of you heard of Obama Girl? She makes these goofy videos where she sings about how much she loves Barack Obama. I’ve watched some of them and they’re pretty funny! Anyway, “Obama Girl” is Amber Lee Ettinger and she released a song online which has gotten some attention. They’re shooting a music video to go with it as well as a promo video promoting the whole thing. I was hired to narrate the promo video! I recorded it at Young & Rubicam last week and it should air online soon.

We had a lot of Project TERRA action last week! The EPK has been overhauled and it looks great! We also have an updated storyboard which also looks great. We found a production company in California to produce the series once we raise the funds. Now all we need is the money. So, does anyone have $5.4 million on them?

TIP OF THE WEEK: Many of my fellow VO talents returned from the VOICE 2008 conference in LA. I heard that a wonderful time was had by all, including some fellow GKN members. We would love to hear your stories so please share!

Anyway, some interesting dialogues have popped up on various blogs & forums as a result. In one of the threads came up those pesky traits which we all have: fear and ego. It’s amazing how many of our choices are influenced by them. For some people, ALL of their decisions are fear/ego-driven. This year one of my focuses has been to determine how many of my decisions are based on those lovely attributes. The answer is: less than there used to be but still far more than I’d like. I won’t bore you with which parts of my life they dominate but needless to say they get in my way more than I care to admit.

So here’s the tip: don’t let fear and your ego control your life. Both are good in small doses but too much drives other people & opportunities away from you. Don’t restrict your life!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If you can’t be a muse, at least be amusing! Anonymous

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What are you afraid of?

Have a great week!


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