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GKN Weekly Update 6/11/13 – Is TrueTwit For Twits?

Hello and Happy soon-to-be Father’s Day! If you’re looking to give Dad a funky gift, go to Uncommon Goods for some ideas. I’m partial to the F-Bomb paperweight myself…


I gots me a Nexus 10 tablet! It is so pretty, so pretty. I’ve got some audio books I’m starting on this week and the old IBM Thinkpad just wasn’t cutting it anymore. BTW one of the audio books is a Harlequin novel! It’s called “Safe Harbor” by Judith Arnold. I haven’t narrated a romance novel since Danielle Steel so this will be interesting…

So last week I was mentioned in a Tweet. It said: “Just followed some folks on Twitter and they think I’m a spammer or something. @vobuzzweekly @Rognogd , please see:

I’m Rognogd, by the way. The link is a blog post that disparages anyone who uses TrueTwit.

It’s a service I use to make sure that only real people are following me on Twitter, not spam bots or other types of nonsense. I started using it because I kept getting “fake” Twitter followers and I got a bunch of Direct Messages saying stuff like “hey this person is writing shocking things about you. Click here to read it” or “check out these photos of you” and it would be a phishing scam. Unfortunately, even with TrueTwit, some legit Twitter followers get their accounts hacked and I still get those kinds of Direct Messages.

So I asked around and it turns out that the perception is that TrueTwit is “cheesy” and anyone who uses it is a” snob”. It’s also perceived as a form of “reverse-spamming” in that if you try to follow me on Twitter you get an email asking to verify that you’re a real person which could be considered a spam email.

I had no idea TruTwit had this reputation. It never bothered me when I tried to follow someone or send them an email and they asked for confirmation that I was a real person. I thought they were just being smart and protecting themselves.

So the question is: do I keep using TrueTwit and risk turning off followers? Do I drop it? Will that make me more vulnerable online? Dammit, that’s three questions…

TIP OF THE WEEK: I find all of this fascinating! Apparently, there is more to your social media presence than just your Facebook posts and Pinterest pins. Your choice of security protocols can be perceived in unexpected ways. Ultimately, your internet, data, and identity security is your responsibility. Do whatever you feel you need to do to protect yourself, just be aware of how it comes off!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The inside of my mind looks like Denzel’s back in Glory. Dave Chapelle

STUFF!: I saw “The Old Man and the Sea” for the first time in probably twenty years. Spencer Tracy was the man! The voiceover work was exceptional. Watch it so you can hear a classic example of the “less is more” approach.

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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