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GKN Weekly Update 5/18/09

(zzz…zzz…zzz…) Huh, what? Oh, hi! Sorry about that, I slept in today. Why? Because I’m POOPED! POOPED, I say! And sun burnt. And I’m a big ole wuss, so there you go.

Yesterday I was the 1st Assistant Director for the film “Transition”. It was an amazing day! We shot at Holmdel High School in Central New Jersey for almost 12 hours. The cast and crew were a pleasure to work with.

I want to thank the director Doug Bollinger for bringing me in on this project. I also need to send out some serious props to fellow GKN members Justine Topham who supplied us with sound equipment and a great intern, Jennifer Wos as the 2ND AD, and David Youngblood as our Clapper Loader. All of you did an incredible job!!!

Last week seems so long ago after yesterday! Some good things happened, though…

I sent out a targeted postcard mailing to every agent and casting director I’ve met via Voiceovers Unlimited.

I sent out my quarterly newsletter “The Rognog” issue 17. I hope you enjoyed reading it!

I did the final batch of retakes for those nine sci-fi short stories I narrated for Infinivox.

I had a very nice ESL recording session at Full House Productions and got to work with fellow GKN member Ollie Wyman. Good for you, good FOR you.

TIP OF THE WEEK: Yesterday was very gratifying on many levels. I was flattered that Doug would ask me to be the 1st AD. It’s a hard job to run the set but everybody was so nice it was pretty easy! I was particularly happy at the amount of responses I got from fellow GKN members willing to pitch in. It was shocking! It proved to me how powerful marketing, networking, and developing strong relationships with your peers really are. And it yet again affirmed what wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with over the years. Remember, it’s not who you know in this business, it’s how you treat who you do know.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: To avoid situations in which you might make mistakes may be the biggest mistake of all. Peter McWilliams, Life 101

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: When you go an audition or a booking, do you start conversations? Do you make sure to bring business cards? Do you thank everyone for their time and the hard work they put in?


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