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GKN Weekly Update 5/14/13 – A Letter To Mom From FaffCamp

Dear Mom,

Hello. I am writing to you from FaffCamp in the tent. It is fun and good here. FaffCamp is neat and the kids here are cool. The counselors are pretty cool, too. This is Amy, the head counselor.

Amy is funny.

I am learning lots of stuff. I learned how to talk like you’re in a cartoon and how to record me talking and not sound like a weenie. I also had to get up in front a bunch of kids and talk about how to act like a grownup when you want to get a job. I wasn’t nervous. Well maybe a little.

We got to do lots of cool stuff like Breakout Sessions and Topic Tables and Birds of a Feather and Lightning Talks. And then we ate and drank a lot of food and drinks. The drinks looked like ice tea but they didn’t taste like it. It was good!

I took some pictures. This is me and my friends making a radio show. We call it the Voice Over Cafe. It was fun and good too. People clapped their hands!

This is us trying to look like rock stars.

We  look cool, right mom?

I learned a lot at FaffCamp. I learned that if you go to FaffCamp you meet nice people and can make friends. You can also be a better person if you go. A big thing I learned is that FaffCamp is for all kids, not just new kids. And people shouldn’t say mean things about stuff and people they don’t understand. They are stupid.

Do you know Paul Newman? He’s some guy that used to be in movies. Someone told me somebody asked him if he was ever mean to his wife by kissing another girl. He said, “I have steak at home, why go out for hamburger?” I don’t know what that means, but can we go to MacDonalds when I get home?

Anyway, I had a real good time at FaffCamp. Can I go back next year?



P.S. Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you liked the tulips.


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