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GKN Weekly Update 2/9/09

Well, hello there! I have too much stuff to share today so let’s get to it…

I was at the New York Comic Con all day Saturday with the Comic Book Mania crew.

That’s Victoria the host, Bobby the owner of CB Mania, and Damian the cameraman. Alas, I did not do any interviews. The lovely Victoria did them all but who would you rather talk to, me or her? My vote is her! I did get press access to everything the Con had to offer which was pretty cool. Victoria actually interviewed me on-camera about Project TERRA! I’ll post the footage ASAP. I also got to meet Mark Sheppard of Battlestar Galactica. He plays the lawyer. Mark was a lot of fun to talk to! He was promoting the video game Conduit, a Wii first person shooter. It looked amazing! I also ran into some friends from my days back at the New York Renaissance Faire. If you want to see more pics go to my MySpace profile at

We now have Project TERRA merchandise! Check out the prototype mugs…

We have T-shirts, too. As soon as the online store opens, I’ll let you know. It would mean a lot to me if you help promote our show by sporting some nifty duds & mugs. Please show your support!

I landed a new client! William R. Fisher III Studios hired me to play a small role for their latest video game “Temple of Zojir”. I play an old Cockney fisherman. There should be more roles to come!

I also did some inserts for Touch Screen Magic’s MEVAS narrative. I booked the gig a few months ago but the clients made some revisions to the script. The gig so nice they paid me twice!

BTW I posted a bunch of casting sites in the GKN “Links” section. Let me know if you get any work from them…

TIP OF THE WEEK: I had a nice chat with a fellow GKN member who is currently shooting a film. It got me thinking that there are over 100 members of the GKN on the Yahoo Group alone and there must be some wonderful job-related stories to share. I know that we would all benefit greatly from hearing about them! Tell us about your last audition, your last gig, your successes, your failures. We can can learn from everybody that is a part of this group. Don’t be intimidated by your lack of experience or if you’re having trouble finding work. Please share!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: He who will not reason is a bigot; he who cannot is a fool; and he who dares not is a slave. Sir William Drummond

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Do you have any fun (or not-so-fun) stories to share? What the best time you had on a set? The worst time?

Have a great week!


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