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GKN Weekly Update 12/27/10

Welcome to the final GKN Update of 2010!

So how was your Christmas? Mine was da bomb! X-Mas Eve was dinner at Mom’s, the main course being a Sicilian Empanada (let me know if you want the recipe). X-Mas Day included watching Asha open her presents, Seeing True Grit, and for the eighth year in a row going to Tom & Sue Sylvester’s home for Christmas dinner. What a great weekend!

Like many of you, I’m snowed in. I tried to be lazy today but I just couldn’t help myself! I did a bunch of “end of year” stuff. The most important part was reviewing my 2010 Action Plan and seeing how I did. What would you like to hear first, the good news or the bad news? OK, bad news first…

  1. I recorded far, far fewer auditions this year both online and in-person.

  2. My marketing efforts started out great this year but fizzled big time. I did not reach my overall contacts goal (not even close!) and I missed my GKN membership goal by three. Three!

  3. I took no classes, had no coaching, and read very few articles or books about the industry.

  4. I didn’t cut any new demos nor did I improve the old ones. I should have produced either a promo demo or an imaging demo this year to expand my marketability.

  5. I fell off my diet & exercise routine and gained about ten pounds. Yikes! Also, for years & years I used to get sick exactly twice a year. This year I lost count.

  6. I did not finish writing the “Project T.E.R.R.A.” screenplay, which means I didn’t submit it to festivals or competitions.

OK, here is the good news…

  1. Financially speaking, 2010 is the best VO year I have ever had.

  2. I hit all of my revenue goals and I was under budget for the year.

  3. I landed many new clients.

  4. I did VO’s for a film and a major video game which have been goals of mine for a long time.

  5. I got a company logo.

  6. I got new pens.

  7. I got new business cards.

  8. I revamped my website.

  9. I was the ghost writer for a comic book (not a goal, just something cool that happened).

  10. The animated short I wrote called “Blastaway” is in production.

  11. I lowered my cholesterol to 169 (it was 285 at one point).

What does all this mean?

Well, the fact that I made more money meant that I could reinvest more in my business, which is why I hit all of my materialistic goals. However, I fell short of hitting most of the “Quadrant 2” goals (goals that are important but not time sensitive). I did have a lot less time this year to get anything done both professionally and personally for many reasons, most of which could not be helped.

TIP OF THE WEEK: So, what did I learn in 2010?

1) Friends and family come first. 2) You can’t take care of your friends and family if you don’t take care of yourself first. 3) Find the balance!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The goals you set are not what make your life. It’s the pursuit of the goals that make your life. And the character you develop. And the wisdom you acquire. And the people you touch.

STUFF: If any of you need a hand putting together your goals for 2011, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I am always happy to help!

Once again, thank you for making the Good Karma Network a success. I have never received so many phone calls, emails, blog kudos, Tweets, and kind words as I have this year. It really, really means a lot to me. Have a happy, healthy, safe, and prosperous 2001!!!


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