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GKN Weekly Update 11/7/11

Good afternoon, GKN-ophytes! I hope you’re as groove-tastic, but not as frantic, as I am. I’ve been burning the candle on three ends (I stuck one on the side) with all kinds of fun stuff. No worries, I’m getting it done…

Why the nutziness, you may ask? Well for starters, I’m almost at the finish line of the Glenn Beck audiobook “Common Nonsense” and have been happily narrating and editing for the past few weeks. I will finish with time to spare (I think!), then have a couple of weeks to recuperate before my next batch of audiobooks. It’s gonna be another compilation of sci-fi short stories. I’ll keep you posted…

I also have been attending as many networking events as I can. This past week I hit the Audio Publishers Association Mixer in NYC, courtesy of my dear friend Melissa Exelberth. I was her guest and we had a fantastic time!

OK, here’s an interesting question for you: how profane are you willing to be when narrating a VO project? I ask because in “Common Nonsense” I quote people, mostly Glenn Beck fans sending hate mail to his detractors, and man do they like the F-Bomb. The only one they like even more is the dreaded N-bomb. In one chapter I have to say it almost ten times. Needless to say, it makes me a bit…uncomfortable. Fortunately, since I’m quoting a letter, I don’t need to put any feeling behind it, so that’s a relief. Regardless, it’s creepy.

TIP OF THE WEEK: So, what do you do? Do you turn down a project because it’s filled with profanity and hate-talk? Not one like this and I’ll tell you why. I’m quoting. Also, the author does not agree with the quotes, they’re just being cited to make various points throughout the book. If the author himself uses hateful terms because he agrees with the use of them, I don’t think that’s something I could be a part of. Could you?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: The beatings will continue until morale improves! T-Shirt

STUFF!: I got to enjoy two of my favorite films last week – “Lars and the Real Girl” and “Made“. These are two wildly underrated films, the first of which should have garnered Oscar consideration. Watch them!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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