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GKN Weekly Update 11/3/08

Happy Post-Halloween and Pre-Election Day!

I hope everyone had a safe, fun, and loot-ridden Halloween. This is me as Zorro with my friend Jim as Wolverine:

Anyway, last week went from boring to bustling!

I had two VO gigs on the same day at ETS in Princeton and FMP in Hamilton. I narrated more of those “Top Careers In Two Years” videos for Rider University.

I spent all day Thursday in NYC. I had an on-camera audition for Price Choppers at 10:30 AM, then a VO audition for the Air force at 3:00 PM. Having so much time to kill, I walked around and hit some internet cafes. It was a blustery but sunny day but no so bad to wander around Manhattan in.

I finished writing the Project TERRA screenplay! It was easier than I thought it would be. The episodes just flowed together…

I got my copy of “The Upstate Four” DVD! We watched it at the Halloween party I went to on Friday night and everybody loved it. Very soon I’ll try to put it on my website so everyone and check it out. BTW what would be a good program to rip data from a DVD?

My goal for 2008 is to have 100 members of the Good Karma Network Yahoo Group. As of today we have 98. We are so close! I’d really like to hit that goal. Can you help out? Please refer the GKN to your entertainment industry colleagues and ask them to subscribe via this address: Thanks!

TIP OF THE WEEK: As you already know, The Good Karma Network is an entertainment industry support group and as a rule I try to steer away from topics that are religious, political, or otherwise potentially polarizing. I will say that as fellow Americans living in particularly interesting times, I strongly encourage you to vote in tomorrow’s election. I’m not getting into who I will vote for or why and I thank you for not doing the same on this here GKN thang, but please get out there and exercise your right!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: (Explaining the difference between involvement and commitment) A chicken is involved in the making of an egg salad sandwich, whereas she is committed to a chicken salad sandwich. Moe Egan

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Did you dress up for Halloween? Does it make you feel like a kid again? What else makes you feel young?

Have a great week!


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