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FaffCon 7 Slideshow! – The GKN Weekly Update 9/30/14

Hello and Happy Coffee Day and World Heart Day! I don’t drink coffee but I have a heart…


  1. On Tuesday, September 30th I have the privilege to once again speak before the Dallas Voice Acting Meetup Group! It’s sold out but if you live in the Dallas area and ask Cliff Zellman really nicely, he might let you in…

  2. Remember that audio book I narrated, Freemasons for Dummies? It releases October 20th! Here are the details.

FaffCon 7 has come and gone. As always, it was a transformative experience and I’ve got the pics to prove it!

FaffCon 7 was held at the amazing Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort & Spa in Tucson, Arizona.

This is the view from my room.

Dig my mobile rig!

This is one of the walkways that Google Images added some cool effects to.

This the pool & hot tub I spent copious amounts of time in. See the Catalina Foothills in the background?

That’s me on Duchess the mule. Yes, a mule. She was awesome, though!

And that’s me as part of an audio book panel.

The resort was amazing! The food was incredible and the staff was extra-friendly. In addition to the muleback riding, I got a massage & facial and had lots of time to relax with friends. BTW our favorite pastime was late-night games of Cards Against Humanity. If you’ve never played it, go buy a set and put the kids to bed early!

In addition to the audio book panel, I and my buddy Adam Verner led a session on voiceover analytics. I attended sessions on e-learning, international work, social media, and many others. I also had the pleasure of doing some private coaching sessions and that was the most fulfilling part of the conference for me.

TIP OF THE WEEK: The Faffterglow has faded and I’m back into my (semi) normal routine. I had a crazy week last week so it took me some time to settle down and think about my experience at FaffCon 7. All of them have been amazing on many levels but this one was the best. I got so much out of it on both a professional and personal level, most of which I can’t or won’t share. I will say that I learned how to be receptive in any situation regardless of your current emotional state. You have to let experiences & people come to you naturally and not try to force yourself to take things in in any particular way. Just bee where you need to bee!


STUFF!: No time for movies in the past two weeks but I did make my annual sojourn to the Warwick Valley Winery over the weekend with some friends. It was surprisingly hot and there were hundreds of people there but I got my case of pear hard cider (oh so yummy) and had a blast!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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