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Voice Acting and the Transactional Relationship – The Not Silent Blog 8/4/20

Over the years I’ve heard the term “transactional relationship” but wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. It hit home last week while I was narrating the audio book “The Long-Distance Teammate“. The book referred to it briefly but profoundly so it spurred me to do some research.

There is no official definition of the term “transactional relationship”, but it reminded me of when I had a part-time job at a store I had been a regular at for many years. I worked there for about 2-3 years and got pretty tight with the owner. You know, celebrating each other’s birthdays, our families got to know each other, etc.

When my voiceover career got to the point where I didn’t need to work at the store any more, I gave the owner a month’s notice. When I told him, he said “OK” without even looking at me and all of the social stuff abruptly ended. It seemed that he only valued our friendship as long I was of value to his business. Since I no longer had value, the friendship was over.


Don’t be a gold digger!

Don’t treat your relationships with clients, subcontractors, and especially fellow voice actors as purely transactional. I’m not saying you have to be real-life friends with everyone you work with, but don’t act like you’re friends with certain people just to get work, auditions, introductions, gossip, etc. It’s unethical and just plain shitty. BTW, the voiceover world is a very small one and we all talk…

Focus on building long-term relationships in all aspects of your life. You have to give, think past yourself, look out for others, and always seek ways to pay it forward.


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Tom Dheere is a voice actor who has narrated thousands of projects for hundreds of clients in over a dozen countries. He is also a voiceover business & marketing consultant known as the VOStrategist and produces the comic book “Agent 1.22”. You can subscribe to his weekly blog and the monthly VO Strategist Learnin’ Stuff Notice here.


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