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How To Exorcise Your Voiceover Ghosts – The GKN Weekly Update 5/27/14

Hello and Happy Memorial Day! I hope everyone remembered to honor our brave fallen before eating that third hot dog…

NEWS AND NOTES: This is APAC week! I am super-pumped to represent VoiceOver Xtra at The Audio Publishers Association Conference for the third year in a row and honored to be part of the “Narrator Self-Promotion Tips & Techniques” panel. Hopefully I’ll see you at the Pre-APAC Mixer, APAC itself, or The Naudies!

Have you noticed that more and more online articles have been showing up on your Facebook New Feed? Most are crap but some are pretty interesting. Last week I read an article about “ghosting”. In the context of the article, it means when someone disappears after you start dating them instead of just manning up and saying they’ve lost interest. I’m sorry to say I’ve been on both ends of that and I’m not proud.

It got me thinking about being ghosted in the voiceover world. Over the years, there have been a few clients with whom I’ve worked famously then all of a sudden, they stop sending me gigs. I email them to see what’s up and they never reply. I send them my quarterly newsletter and they unsubscribe. Basically, they dumped me without as a much as an explanation.

When you get ghosted, all of your insecurities come up to the surface and you start doubting yourself. “What happened? Did I say something wrong? Am I a bad voice talent?”

Any of a number of things could have happened. Maybe they went out of business. Maybe they found a voice talent who will work for less. Or maybe they just didn’t want to work with you anymore for no good reason.

TIP OF THE WEEK: We let people live rent-free in our head for far longer than they should. It’s human nature. We can’t control what people say or think or do. We can only control our reaction. More often than not it’s about them and not you, anyway.

And you know what? To hell with them. If they wanna ghost you, fine. Their loss. That just makes it clear they’re the kind of people you don’t want in your life.


STUFF!: I’m going to FaffCon 7!!!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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