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GKN Weekly Update 7/11/11

Good morning on this soon-to-be ridiculously hot day! My weekend was as uneventful as could be and that was just fine by me. I’m still peeling from last week so that makes for a fun activity, yes?

I’m very excited about an awesome event that I’m going to this fall: FaffCon 3!!!

This VO convention was engineered by the wonderful Amy Snively. To quote the website, “FaffCon is a participant-driven unconference, by and for working voice over pros. This is talent in the trenches helping each other figure out how to get better at what we do, and make more money doing it.”

FaffCon will be on September 24th and 25th in Hershey, PA. And yes, there will be a field trip to Hershey Park! I’m really excited about this for many reasons. First of all, you have to be screened to attend so I’m happy that I’m regarded as a successful professional. Second, I get to spend time with some wonderful people in my profession and I’m sure I’ll make new friends. Third, I want to learn, learn, learn.

The really cool part about this “un”conference is that all of the seminars are run by the voice talent! Someone suggested that I run one of them, but that sounds kind of scary. I’ve been trying to figure out what I could say that would help other voice talents with their career, especially veteran voice talents who have more experience than I do. Hmm…

TIP OF THE WEEK: It’s been very interesting trying to determine what I could bring to the table. It has forced me to look at myself as objectively as possible. Let me tell you, that is not a fun exercise! However, I strongly recommend it. Listing your strengths and weaknesses is critical for both self-awareness and self-improvement, two things I constantly strive for. Try it!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: If you haven’t been booed, you haven’t done anything. Bob Dylan

STUFF!: Last night I saw “The Extra Man” starring the amazing & hilarious Kevin Kline. It’s a brilliant little New York indy film. The great part is that you can watch it instantly on Netflix. Check it out!

From Tom Dheere’s quickly-heating-up apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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