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GKN Weekly Update 3/22/10

Happy Spring!!! It has finally sprung and I hope everyone enjoyed last week’s beautiful weather. Oh, and look out for this afternoon’s Flood Warning. Yikes!

For those of you who aren’t aware, when I’m not pursuing voiceovers I have a side project called “Project: T.E.R.R.A.”. It’s a computer animated sci-fi drama which I and my fellow 3ative Productions members (David Martin, Angelo Panetta) have been working on for the past three years. Like most side projects, it’s a labor of love that we have to put aside from time to time due to budgetary and time constraints. (yes, we’re looking for funding, just like everybody else!) As of right now we’re back on track! I started writing the screenplay again and David is working on the animation.

To see what it’s all about, check out the following sites:

I know that many of you are fans and I thank you for your support over the years!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Almost every industry professional I know has a “side project” of some kind. I think that’s fantastic! Working in our industry is a dream come true for most of us, but then to have a dream on top of that? Pretty cool. One thing I’ve learned is that dreams take time. If you have one, treat it like a garden. Cultivate it, nourish it, love it, and great things will happen!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Surprise your dad at the office. Trust me, whatever I’m doing is not as important as you. Walker Lamond

STUFF!: Why do so many industry professionals have a “side project”?

Have a great week!


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