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GKN Weekly Update 3/21/11

Good Morning and a Happy “This is Spring?!” Day to you! I hope everyone made it to work okay…

One of my new regiments is to take part in a LinkedIn Discussion once a week. It’s a good way to stay involved in the community and to make new contacts. This morning I answered the question,

“Are you happy with where you are at in your voice over career? What would you change?”

This is how I answered:

“Am I happy with where I’m at in my voiceover career? I’m happy but I’m certainly not content and I don’t think I ever will be. The day I become content is the day I pack it in. It took me ten years to overcome my fears and “take the plunge” by becoming a full-time VO talent. I wish I had those ten years back, but I did learn quite a bit along the way. Even so, I always feel like I have to make up for the time I missed and it gives me a very strong sense of urgency. I’m doing everything right and I’ve achieved some great things, I just wish I had gotten off my duff sooner so I would be further down the path…”

BTW who decided that “duff” meant “butt”? Anyway…

TIP OF THE WEEK: I often struggle with the notion that I should be far more successful than I am at this point in my career. It’s not healthy and sometimes I can’t help it. Then at some point I always remember this: you can learn from the past and hope for the future, but you have to live in the present. Fear and mistakes are inevitable but you can’t let them hold you back. Keep learning, keep growing, and no matter what, keep moving!

BONUS TIP OF THE WEEK!!!: Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about being smart about posting and don’t make an ass of yourself? Check out this post I discovered…

  1. Here’s a question for voice overs – how does voicing for e-learning projects as an experience differ for you from working on something like audio-books or even commercials?

Commercials, you generally have to read fast. Audio books, you generally have to read at a leisurely pace. E-learning, you have to read v e r y s l o w l y. Slow enough that the CEO can understand.

This is exactly what I’m talking about! A vapid answer that helps no one and insults potential clients, in the name of trying to be funny. Would you hire this guy?

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Most people would rather live with dull despair than experience one moment of genuine pain to escape it.

STUFF!: I saw “Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show” last week and it was pretty cool! He traveled with four stand-up comics and they did shows in 30 cities in 30 days. The improv skits with Jon Favreau, Justin Long, and Pete Billingsly (Ralphie from Christmas Story) were hilarious. You can Instant Play it on Netflix. Check it out!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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