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GKN Weekly Update 11/26/12 – VO Mixer Advice

Happy Cyber Monday! Man, they won’t stop until every day of the year is filled with a holiday, will they…?

I hope everybody had a pleasant and relatively painless holiday weekend. I certainly have much to be thankful for this year on both a personal and professional level and I hope you do, too.


The New York VO Mixer RSVP deadline is today. Today!!!

Go to to sign up. As of right now there are over 400 voice talkers who are attending. Man, with that many big mouths I hope they pump extra oxygen in the room or we’re all gonna pass out.

I’ve been to the previous four VO Mixers and I’ve had a blast every time. VERY sad that this will be the last one. I hope another group picks up the ball and puts together something for next year (HINT HINT). When I first went, my intention was to network and land some new clients. Now I go just to spend time with my friends. That doesn’t mean you can’t do both! Let’s review some important Do’s and Don’ts when attending a networking event…


DO Dress to Impress: This is a major industry networking event during the holiday season in New York City. Dress the part! Men, don a suit & tie. Ladies, wow us with that stunning dress or gown.

DO Bring Business Cards/Swag: this is a networking event so be prepared to pass along your contact information. Make sure your business card is up-to-date and your listed website isn’t your Voice123 or MySpace page, please! I beg of you.

DO Find Me and Say Hi: if I haven’t met you in person please seek me out. I’ll be the one wearing the hat!

DON’T Complain About the Donation: it’s for a good cause and if you can’t swing ten bucks, may I suggest community theater? (I can’t stop saying that!)

DON’T Harass The Clients: they’re looking for new talent but please be considerate. Say hi, make a good impression, then move on!

DON’T Be Chintzy With Your Bartenders: I poured drinks for years and I know how hard they work so please tip them well. Here’s another thing I’ve learned: anyone who is nice to you but not nice to their waiter/bartender is a jerk, and a two-faced one at that!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: You get 80% of your results from only 20% of your work. Pareto’s Principle

STUFF!: I’m uber-excited to see so many of my good friends at the Mixer this weekend. Just looking at the RSVP list makes me all giddy-like. See you there…!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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