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GKN Weekly Update 10/20/08

What’s the dilly-yo!

Fall has fallen and Al Roker has issued a Tweed Alert. Who the hell wears that stuff anymore?

Last week was pretty darn busy in a lot of ways!

I had two VO auditions in NYC for ESPN and Quinnipiac University courtesy of IFM.

I also had an audition for an animated feature produced by Ari Arad. He’s the guy that makes all of the Marvel Comics movies (Iron Man, Hulk, etc.). Fingers crossed!

I had another VO gig for Israel-based Eyeview Digital. This was a website intro for the new search engine Inquisitor.

I landed a new client! Kollins Communications in Mahwah, NJ hired me to narrate a PSA for the Safe Harbor Animal Center. The funny part was that fellow GKN members Paul Payton and Angelo Panetta recommended me for it and neither knew the other was doing it! Thanks for the votes of confidence, guys.

Good Project TERRA news! We have a great artist helping us complete our Press Kit. Concept artist “Teddy” of Heidelburg, Germany is doing some amazing work. Dig the sketch! You can see her other projects at

TIP OF THE WEEK: I love busy weeks! My fellow VO talents can attest that it’s feast or famine in our industry much of the time. One day you’re watching the paint peel, the next day you can’t even find time to eat! I’ve learned that one good way to get through the slow patches is to have a list of Quadrant Two activities handy. Quadrant Two activities are things to do that aren’t urgent, but are important. They can be anything from cold-calling to working on next year’s budget. Write them on a Post-It and stick it to your monitor. It also give you a sense of accomplishment. Try it!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself! Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What do you do when you think you have nothing to do?

Have a great week!


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