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Adapt or Go Blind! – The GKN Weekly Update 8/5/14

Hello and Happy US Coast Guard Day and Wiggle Your Toes Day! Can you salute the Coast Guard and wiggle your toes at the same time?


I finished narrating “Freemasons for Dummies” AND Audible offered me another book to narrate! This one is called “Winning Mars” by Jason Stoddard.

I need new glasses. A few months ago I became farsighted practically overnight. I’ve been told when you hit your early forties this tends to happen so there you go. I narrate audio books off of a tablet and it’s become a real pain lately. So last week I went to the eye doctor and I got what I like to call “voiceover glasses”.

They have one power level for the entire lens so I can clearly see when I read off a tablet or the monitor in my recording booth. However, anything farther away will be fuzzy so I can only use them when I’m doing voiceover work, hence the term “voiceover glasses”.

I’m keeping my regular eyeglasses and will probably get transitional lenses put in. In case your wondering why I didn’t just have transitional lenses put in and not get a second pair is because I really like my current glass, but the frame isn’t deep enough so I have to keep tilting my head so as not to be reading below the lens. They’re also in perfect condition and they weren’t cheap!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Does this make me feel old? Not really. I’m one of those annoying “young at heart” kind of people and 42 isn’t old anyway. It just reminds me that as time passes you need to adapt.

Last night I took a survey about the state of the media production industry. In the comments section, I said that the reason why so many video production, audio production, marketing, and advertising companies have gone out of the business in the last ten years is because they couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt. They either couldn’t afford to or just refused to embrace new technologies, acquire new skill sets, or learn how to use social media. The cliche is “adapt or die”. I say, adapt or go blind!


STUFF!: I saw not one, not two, but THREE great films this week: Begin Again, Seven Psychopaths, and Guardians of the Galaxy. All very different, but equally entertaining!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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