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Pressure Vs. Stress – The GKN Weekly Update 4/8/14

I almost didn’t write my blog today. I am BURIED with work right now (a good problem, as I always say) and I considered skipping this week. I put on my Negative Nancy hat (if you can’t picture it, it’s a black bonnet) and said to myself “Nobody would notice anyway”. That’s when I realized who would notice: me.

In 2006, I made a promise to myself to blog once a week and with the exception of a few holidays, I’ve kept that promise. I’ve always come up with something to talk about. Some entries have been better than others but that’s to be expected. Some mornings I can’t think of a bloody thing to write, but something always gets written regardless. If you can’t keep a promise to yourself, then how can you keep a promise to anyone else?


There is a difference between pressure and stress, and I’m not talking about from a physics point of view so nerds, put away your textbooks. Pressure is being at bat in the bottom on the ninth with two outs, bases loaded, and your team is down by three runs. Stress is striking out.

Pressure is external, stress is internal. In other words, other people & situations put pressure on you, but you put stress on yourself. I know that’s pretty simplistic, but the more you can qualify and quantify what is happening in your life in the context of what you can and can’t control, the better your chances of coping with it. At least for me, anyway.

Having some pressure in your life is a good thing. Is keeps you sharp, engaged, and motivated. Having too much pressure is when stress creeps in and that’s where problems start. Learn to control your stress. How? Don’t ask me! Everybody controls it differently.


  1. My buddy Johnny Heller was drunk, I mean, kind enough to quote me in his blog entry WEBSITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING AND THE AUDIOBOOK NARRATOR.

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John Pinette died. He was one of my all-time favorite stand-up comedians. If you’re not familiar with his work, here’s a clip from his brilliant special “I’m Starvin!”. He was only 50.


Happy Palm Sunday! Did you know that Palm Sunday is a movable feast? No, I did not make that up. I like the sound of a movable feast. It makes me think of me and my fat bastard friends running down the street to keep up with a table on wheels that’s loaded with food. Yes, I know I have issues, thank you.


From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere: GKN News…


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