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Good Karma Network Weekly Update 2/6/12

Hello and Happy Post-Super Bowl Glory-Basking Day!

Isn’t it great to be alive AND a Giants fan? I sure think so…

A quick announcement, then we’ll talk about your 2012 Health goals…

Without getting into too much ego-driven detail, last week was my busiest voiceover week ever! I had eight sessions at four recording studios (including my own). The crazy part is that I was cast in projects by the online casting sites Voices Online Now, Voices On Call, and The Big Fish Voice Company, all for the first time. Weird, huh?

OK, let’s talk about Health. It sounds pretty obvious that in order to be successful you need to be healthy, but I’m talking three specific areas: physical, mental/organizational, and emotional/spiritual.

Physical: as a voice talent, your body is your factory. It produces the product that you sell! Like everybody, diet and exercise is important. In addition, voice talents should minimize, if not eliminate, drinking and smoking (yeah, like THAT’S gonna happen!).  In my personal experience, drinking and smoking have an immediate effect on my voice. If I have more than, say, two beers or two glasses of wine, you can hear it in my voice the next day. Hence, the one bottle of Yuengling at the Super Bowl party last night. I got stuff to voice today, you know!

Mental/Organizational: When I run VO seminars, I always break down any lesson I teach into two areas: Systems of Thought and Systems of Execution. This here part is about systems of Thought.  Having a strong mental structure, a discipline, is critical to being successful. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a mental plan every day of how you are going to go about your business without being inefficient or overwhelmed. This is a stumbling block for many aspiring talents!

Emotional/Spiritual: these terms mean different things to different people so interpret it in the way that’s most comfortable for you. Everyone has different motivations & backgrounds which contribute to their success (or lack thereof) in this or any other endeavor. What are my goals? What are my values? Why am I in this business? How can I give back? If you can’t answer these questions or don’t like the answers you come up with, you need to do some serious reflection, my friend!

TIP OF THE WEEK: good health is everything! All of the other aspects of your business (and your life) flow from it. Take the time to evaluate your health in all three facets, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment. Don’t forget to be honest with yourself!

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Look at what you do in a kitchen, especially when you’re angry. When someone is pissed off, the house gets clean very quickly. Uta Hagen

STUFF!: I finally got around to seeing “Enchanted”. It was, dare I say, enchanting!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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