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GKN Weekly Update 5/24/10

Hello and welcome back! Not that you went anywhere, but it’s nice to have you nonetheless.

Life is FINALLY getting back to normal for me! I finished recording the audio books for Infinivox and the science tutorials for Sumanas, which actually turned out to be a companion for a textbook so it’s sort of an audio book, too. Now I can get back on track. But first, an announcement!

Remember a few months ago when I said I did a video game but I couldn’t talk about it? Well, now I can! The video game is “Red Dead Redemption” by Rockstar Games and I play Benton Manning, a lawman. It’s a small role but I had a lot of fun with it and I’m very excited now that the game is released. If you’re a gamer, keep an ear out for me!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a fundraiser for “The Cohesion Project”, a documentary about a man with cerebral palsy who climbs Mt. Washington. This film is being directed by my old friend Doug Bollinger. He directed “Transition” which I was the Assistant Director for, remember? Anyway, it was satisfying to help a worthy cause and I got to see some wonderful friends, including fellow GKN’ers Kevin Carolan and Amanda Beelitz.

Also, I want to say congratulations to my dear friend Sarah Ackmerman for the FIVE Drama Desk nominations her play “Boys in the Band” received. Unfortunately it didn’t win but being recognized among such great company is an accomplishment, indeed!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Man, it was such a good feeling to actually go out this weekend and have some fun! It’s been a while. I was recording at all hours to get those big projects done for so long! Remember kids, all work and no play makes Tom a dull boy. Don’t forget to mix all that business with some pleasure.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Just remember: it’s not a skirt. The last man what called it a skirt got kilt. Cory Doctorow

STUFF!: My new best friend Kim Surowicz, who is producing “The Cohesion Project” is also opening up a new business with Doug Bollinger called Shore Riders. It’s a bicycle rental service down at Point Pleasant Beach. Check it out on Facebook and click on Like so they can reach their Memorial day goal of 100 followers.

Have a great week!


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