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GKN Weekly Update 12.06.10

And a Happy…um, whatever, let’s talk about the Mixer!

So, this past Saturday was the Third Annual New York Voice Over Mixer at the Tonic Bar in Times Square. I can’t even begin to tell you what an incredible time I had, but I’m gonna try anyway. Here’s a few pics to set the stage. This is a bunch of us at Mustang Harry’s for lunch:

This is me and my buddies Rob Sciglimpaglia & Erik Shepard. Erik organized the Mixer so a HUGE thanks to him!

This is me and my big mouth yapping about the importance of networking events like the Mixer. Thanks for nodding along, Lauren!

And this is me and my pal Trish Basanyi on our way home from Langen’s at about 1:30 AM. Thanks for helping me pick out my clothes, Trish!

There were almost 300 of us there and I made some new friends as well as catching up with the old ones. What more can I say? It rocked!

TIP OF THE WEEK: Yes, I could once again stress the importance of in-person networking, blah blah blah. As it turns out, I didn’t do a shred of networking for myself. I spent most of the night introducing people to one another. I got far more enjoyment out of that than I would have if I had just been shoving my business cards in other people’s hands and hoping for a lead.

What really impressed me was the amount of people who attended the event not knowing a single person there. They just dived right in! Those are the folks who are going to be successful VO talents someday. Take a lesson from them, my friends.

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: Happiness isn’t having more, it’s wanting less. Anonymous

STUFF!: I just wanna say hi to all the new friends I made at the Mixer. these are all talented, wonderful people so start throwing sacks of cash at them for VO work, right now!

They are: Amy Ricalde, Christina Spataro, Dick McDonough, Leah Vidal, Eric Vitale, Lauren Sowa, Josey Miller, Dave Satkowski, Adriana Sananes, Mary Ann Ayan, Mathilde Dratwa, Alan Pinter, Talia Gonzalez, and Phil Hwang. Nice meeting all of you!

From Tom Dheere’s apartment, this is Tom Dheere, GKN News…


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